Oct 26, 2013 - Check out this interview, courtesy of Kevin Weekes:

Oct 23, 2013 - Patrick is off to an excellent start with the Avalanche, going 8-1 this far in to the season. Definitely good to see Mr. Roy back on, or near, the ice! Check out this article here about the Avs impressive early season run.

Apr 17, 2011 - Been a while, eh? Switched hosting providers and hopefully will soon add a larger collection of videos, pictures and links etc. Cleaned up some of the dead links to articles long gone.

Nov 22, 2006 - The site is finally updated with a new gallery for the Hall of Fame induction. I've also added a new theme type deal (click on the remparts logo) which will hopefully be extended over time. Also, I've finally figured out why the site has popup ads every once in a while. It was not my doing, trust me. The hitcounter (webstats4u) was displaying ads every few times someone went to the page. Annoying. So I took out the hit counter for now and I'll try to figure out a new way of doing it. The total to this point has been 198,894 hits. Quite cool. There are lots of articles online about the HHOF induction and summaries of Roy's career, so they will be posted here eventually, but I've been busy lately... Also, I just found out that Patrick and Michelle divorced sometime this year. Hopefully the kids are doing okay with this tough situation.
Nov 13, 2006 - Today is the last step in Patrick's amazing career as an NHL goalie. After the mandatory waiting period, Patrick will finally enter the Hockey Hall of Fame. TDN has some nice videos for the occasion, and once I find pictures, I'll make a gallery for the event. Here's an [Link Broken :(] article if you need a summary.
June 28, 2006 - Patrick Roy will be inducted in to the NHL Hall of Fame! Read about it here and expect more updates about this great honor for Patrick.
May 30, 2006 - The Remparts have won the Memorial Cup! Alexander Radulov won tournament MVP and also QMJHL Player of the Year. Congrats to Patrick and his team for such a great season.
May 3, 2006 - Good news for Patrick Roy and his Quebec Remparts! After an 8-1 win in game seven, the team, coached by Patrick, will be playing in the QMJHL finals. The Avalanche have also won their series and much to the delight of most visitors of this site, the Red Wings have lost theirs. In webpage news, Patrick-Roy.com will be switched to my new hosting service (yahoo) pretty soon. There will be an option to have a Canadiens, Avalanche, or Remparts themed site view, so you can pick your favorite. I will probably improve the theme view as time goes on so that I can get the new version up and running as soon as possible.
April 28, 2006 - I've decided to switch to another hosting service which will allow me more space and more options than my current provider. I'll be able to do some scripting and other neat things finally, so let me know what features you guys want, since the redesign will be able to do pretty much anything. It will, however, delay things a bit, but the results should be worth it. There will be sections for Patrick's days with the Canadiens, the Avalanche, and the Remparts, and video will be on the site as well. Let me know what you guys want added if you have any other interesting ideas.
April 25, 2006 - The Quebec Ramparts are having quite a run in the QMJHL playoffs. They are in the semifinals playing against Bathurst Titans. Meanwhile, both of Patrick's former teams are 2-0 against their favored opponents. Good luck to all of them!
April 10, 2006 - Still working on the new layout, but I have something quite cool to post: an update about Mr. Patrick Roy straight from the source. Click here to view the first official message from Patrick in this website's history! It is a pdf file so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see it. Also, some of you seem to want video. I haven't had enough space on my server to upload them, but luckily, I was reminded of YouTube.com and there are copies of some great videos on there, including the 1st Intermission video and the 2nd Intermission video during Patrick Roy night. More to come, but enjoy for now.
Feb 16, 2006 - Okay, I have a new layout almost done. Check if out and if you have any comments or suggestions now would be a good time to let me know. Here's what I'm planning on adding: A listing of all equipment Patrick has worn, a listing of all his hockey cards, more pics with better organization, more articles and some movies/sounds. I'm also in need of some help from you guys for a few things. I was thinking of adding a French version of the page for all you Quebecois, but, I don't speak French. So, if someone would be willing to help translate things, it would be great. Also, I have a lot of Roy pics and cards and stuff, but I don't have everything. Send me any pictures you have that aren't already on the site (unless you have a higher quality version) and I will give you credit for contributing. Just think, a webpage with over 150,000 hits having your name all over it. Heck, my name isn't even all over it. Let me know what you think about the new design in the little poll I have set up there. Adios for now.
Feb 2, 2006 - Wow, its been a long time. Not too much has happened since then, but Mr. Roy is keeping busy with his family life and with his involvement with the Quebec Ramparts. He's not only the head coach, but also part owner and general manager. I figure that since it has been so long, I should probably do a complete redesign of the page. The new poll asks about the color scheme, so let me know what you guys would like. I'll be adding some new sections, so leave some comments if you have any requests or good ideas.

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