Born:October 5, 1965 in Quebec City, Quebec 
Residence:Parker, Colorado 
Off Season Resides: Lac Beauport, Quebec, Canada
Weight:192 lbs. 
Game-Day Dinner:Steak with Potato and Peas 
Salary:$8,500,000 (2002-03) 
Jersey Size:65 
Nickname:"St. Patrick" 
Meaning of 'Roy':King (Old French) 
Year Drafted: 1984
Round Drafted: 3
Overall Choice: 51
Nickname: "Casseau" : 
When Patrick Roy first joined the Canadiens in 1985-1986, he was a young bachelor who wasn't particulary fond ok cooking and ate most of his meals in restaurants. Patrick's favorite food was french fries, which he enjoyed day in, day out. His
teammates couldn't help noticing their netminder's habits and decided to nockname him 'Casseau" (the square cardboard container used to serve french fries "to go"). Since
then, Patrick has married and, yes, his eating habits have changed. :0) Roy's others
nicknames are St. Patrick, The King ...
Food: Chicken
Athlete: John Daly (golf)
Writer: Aghata Christie
Music: Rod Stewart; Madonna; Celine Dion

Roy, talking about himself
" .... I was born October 5, 1965, 
in quebec city. My full name is Patrick Jacques Roy and I'm the son of Michel Roy and
Barbara Miller. When my mother was younger, she was a synchronized swimmer who
competed provincially and nationally. I have a brother Stephane (30) and a sister
Alexandra (23). "

".... I was an active child  and I loved to play. At school, my favourite subjects were math and Physical education. I was planing to be a notary or a lawyer."

".... I live with my wife Michelle Piuze. We met at a softball game 12 years ago. We have two sons, Jonathan (8) and Frederik (6), and a daughter, Jana who's 4 years. We also have a golden retriever. "

".... My best Quality: I'm honest. My worst fault : I'm a slob."

".... I love Playing Golf."

".... I write the names of my three children on my stick before each game ..."

".... I think it's important to do what you like. Life is too short to limit yourself."

".... I'm very superstitious.  I always get dressed the same way, I always play with a pucklook at the clock between periods to make sure I have time to spray water on my
face, fill my water bottle, etc. The day of a game, I always eat the same thing ... There's a bunch of little things that I do all the time and would never dream of changing."

".... When I joined the Habs, they gave me number 32, but I didn't like it, so I asked Eddy Palchak if I could have 33. I had worm 30 before, but it was taken by Chris Nilan. When he was offered it to me, but I decided to stick with 33."

".... My toughest opponent? They are a lot of excellent player in the NHL and I don't underestimate any of them. Cam Neely has given me some trouble in the past."

"...On the road... I love playing in Boston and Vancouver; they're both beautiful cities."

".... I went to my first NHL game at the Forum(Montreal) to see the canadiens play the L.A. Kings. My father knew that Rogatien Vachon my favorite player and we made the trip from quebec city just to see him. I was playing pee-wee then.

".... My most memorable moment:  Definitely the third game in the 1986 semi-finals against New York Rangers. We won 4-3 in overtime. The tension was overwhelming and the fans were screaming "Roouu-ah, Roouu-ah." It got me off to a
good start in the NHL."

".... After sixty minutes of play...  It's always flattering to be named first star of the game. It's a sign of recognition, an indication that I've done well. But I can only really appreciae it if we win. For the good of the team, I have focus on the collective angle, our overall performance as a unit. If we play well and win, individual honours follow naturally. The first star is a prestige award. Every player feels proud to be honoured and I'm no exception. I know that reporters have a job to do, so I try my best to make it easy for them. I think most journalists know an athletes limits. They know that you're less inclined to chat after you've lost. We cooperate, and they don't push us. During the regular season, I'm very accessible. I give them the time they need. But during the playoffs, I prefer to concentrate on the game. And they respect that."

".... after Hockey? It's hard to say, because I don't know how strongly I'll still feel about hockey. The most important thing wll be to take at least a year off just to get away
from the game and see how much I miss it. Then I'll probably recycle myself as a student. Whatever knowledge I accumulate can only be to my advantage. "

Patrick's Mother talking about her son
"Patrick had so much energy that he sometimes reminded me of Denis the menace. He just wouldn't stop. At age 8, for Christmas, he asked and got goalie pads. He enjoyed school where he was a brigadier, and had a good time. Young Patrick was also an excellent swimmer."

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